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Erdgas Ostschweiz AG

Based in Schlieren, Zurich, Erdgas Ostschweiz AG is a regional gas companies in Switzerland and reliably and safely supplies its associated local suppliers in eastern Switzerland with gas.

An environmentally friendly approach is taken to transporting gas – mostly underground via its own high-pressure natural gas network some 607,5 km long. The company operates two customs metering stations, which are used to receive contractually agreed quantities of natural gas from upstream systems. It also operates some 60 pressure reduction stations, which are used to feed natural gas into our customers’ local networks.

Erdgas Ostschweiz AG is professionalising its tasks and services on a continuous basis to ensure safe, reliable supply to local gas supply companies at the most favourable conditions possible. The company has re-positioned itself in recent years and developed new solutions and models to meet the variety of different challenges that it faces on the Swiss natural gas market.

In September 2014 the purchasing and trading department was hived off from Erdgas Ostschweiz AG and transferred to a new subsidiary under the name Open Energy Platform AG. The nowadays independent energy procurement enterprise focuses its activities on its main tasks of procuring and selling natural gas and supporting services for local natural gas providers.