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Technische Betriebe Flawil 0.69 %
Politische Gemeinde Uzwil 1.18 %
Stadt Frauenfeld 2.28 %
Säntis Energie AG 2.56 %
Technische Betriebe Weinfelden AG 3.01 %
Stadt Wil3.62 %
Stadt Winterthur4.20 %
GRAVAG Energie AG4.59 %
Stadt Schaffhausen4.88 %
Stadt St. Gallen 7.01 %
Energie 360° AG65.98 %

Erdgas Ostschweiz AG supplies its shareholders with natural gas through a high-pressure pipeline network with an overall length of 621 km. The shareholders differ greatly in terms of their size, legal form, customer structure and the scope of their services. Local providers operate their own medium/low-pressure network, are separate companies or form part of a public administration. As an interconnected operation, they also offer other supply services such as electricity, water, district heating, sewage disposal and cable network operation.

Energie 360° AG


St.Galler Stadtwerke



Stadtwerk Winterthur


Technische Betriebe Wil


Technische Betriebe Weinfelden


Säntis Energie AG



Technische Betriebe Uzwil


Technische Betriebe Flawil