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Structural change to the Swiss natural gas market

The Swiss natural gas sector is currently experiencing the conflicting priorities of continuity and change. Deregulation of the European gas market is opening up new opportunities while also posing great challenges to the industry in terms of structure and strategy. Long-established structures are put into question. Advances in shale gas extraction will not only bring economic change, but also new geopolitical circumstances. These global changes and the requirements of market deregulation are now also affecting the natural gas industry in Switzerland.

New solutions are required in sourcing to ensure that local gas suppliers can position themselves successfully as Switzerland moves towards renewable energies. During this process, the focus is not only on greater flexibility and competitive conditions but also on the all-important reliability of supply, as always.

In the context of increasing deregulation of energy markets and the shift towards energy transition in Switzerland, market players need to adapt and become more professional on a continuous basis. Erdgas Ostschweiz AG takes such requirements seriously and has provided a response to these needs by taking different steps in its procurement and supply portfolio.