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Safe operating conditions for transporting natural gas 24 hours a day

Erdgas Ostschweiz AG’s Dispatching Division monitors the company’s high-pressure pipeline network, stations and storage tanks 24 hours a day and controls the flow of natural gas. Erdgas Ostschweiz AG’s regional network is embedded into the Swiss transmission system and across the regions.

Control and monitoring of transmission network as core competence

The employees in the control room check the fed-in and drawn gas quantities and the pressure in the transmission network, ensuring that values remain within the specified operating limits. Dispatchers remain in contact with the upstream and downstream network operators and natural gas providers to ensure adjustments can be made if needed at any time. The guide and monitoring systems used to control the gas flow feature a redundant design and thus guarantee high availability. Erdgas Ostschweiz AG also undertakes control and monitoring tasks for its natural gas purchasers and Swissgas AG.