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Some 15 engineers, planners and project managers provide comprehensive engineering services

Erdgas Ostschweiz AG’s in-house engineering office is responsible for planning and project development for building and renewing high-pressure natural gas pipelines and stations. All planning and project development work is also offered for third-party companies. If required, the in-house engineering office will also carry out projects.

Foresighted planning, project development and construction management

The Planning Department undertakes planning of the electric and mechanical systems required to operate the high-pressure natural gas pipe network. Supply system documentation and plans must also be available to control authorities, landowners and safety organisations at all times. Cutting-edge CAD solutions are used to carry out such work. Erdgas Ostschweiz AG’s entire collection of plans has been revised and entered into a GIS system over the last years. All employees have access to the latest planning data using a GIS viewer specially produced for Erdgas Ostschweiz AG.

The project managers provide support while projects are implemented and monitor compliance with budgets and deadlines. From system design and calculations through to planning approval applications to public authorities, all work is carried out by suitably qualified Erdgas Ostschweiz AG employees.