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Scheduled servicing and regular replacement of pipelines and installations

The state of stations, pipelines and the line route are monitored for preventive maintenance purposes. High-pressure pipelines, for example, are checked every ten years to ensure they are in a good condition, using a pigging process. The necessary inspection and maintenance work on pipelines, systems and electrical installations are not only carried out on our own equipment and systems, but also on installations and pipelines belonging to shareholders and third parties on their behalf. Trained project managers oversee all work.

Installations and pipelines are also built if required. Other examples include relocating pipelines, such as a project in Oberembrach, near Zurich, in 2014, where a high-pressure pipeline crossed a potential gravel mining area. It quickly became clear while it was actually being built that the route of this natural gas pipeline would need to be corrected at this location in the mid-term. A new route where the pipeline could be safely installed for the long-term was found in conjunction with the current landowner.